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  • Chichibu precision industry (dongguan) co., LTD
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The implementation of customer demand surrounding

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  Sai Di net] early OA office system, clients to deploy a groupware is satisfied, then began to additional document management, portal applications, integrated office, document management, workflow technology to now has become the embodiment of OA management to maximize the value of the. However, along with the OA industry competition intensifies, emerge in an endless stream surrounding the application of OA products, the OA software implementation challenges.
OA software products, with standard products as the main sales model, with each company mature product function. The system is stable, cheap, simple implementation, no or a small amount of two times the development, no longer than 30 days on the line.
With the accession to the surrounding demand, part of the OA software for custom development as the main sales model, according to the enterprise personalized needs. But the implementation of complex, long cycle, a large number of development two times, often more than 30 days on the line.
Thus, with the customer demand cycle variation, OA software has a significant change in the sales model, the difficulty of implementation and implementation cycle. While we cannot resolute and decisive that this change is good or bad, can only say that this is a challenge to implement OA product.

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