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  • Chichibu precision industry (dongguan) co., LTD
  • Chichibu precision industry (dongguan) co., LTD
  • Chichibu precision industry (dongguan) co., LTD
  • Chichibu precision industry (dongguan) co., LTD
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Machine shaft
Group III

Contact person: Mr. Wang
Mobile phone: 13713600234
Phone: 0769-86856111
Fax: 0769-86859303

Email: wangkeyou@chi-chi-bu.com
Address: Dongguan city Tangxia town Keyuan City Qingfeng Road No. six

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     Chichibu Precision Industry (Dongguan) Co., Ltd., founded in 2013 August, a total investment of $13000000, more than 1000 employees. Chairman Kurosawa Akini, vice chairman Kurosawa Fumitake, general manager of Ma Guangxian.
The company mainly produces all kinds of precision shaft products and aluminum products, also owns the Blackpool Pml Precision Mechanism Ltd, mainly for the production of auto parts. Founded on a high standard, efficient production management model for the production of high quality. After many years of production and R &amp; D, the company achieved rapid development.
      Currently has the most advanced high-precision told the five axis machining center, NC CNC machining center and a first-class computer lathe, automatic lathe, CNC cam and two processing equipment more than 1500 taiwan. To ensure the quality of products, the company introduced a variety of high-precision testing instruments, including Mitutoyo three measuring instrument, Mitutoyo projector, Mitutoyo hardness, surface roughness measuring instrument, roundness measuring instrument, the ability of dispersion X ray fluorescence elemental analyzer. According to customer demand, the company also can to some special technology products of two processing and surface treatment, to provide customers with excellent, fine, all products.
      The company diversified development, the company has accelerated the pace of technological innovation, develop a complete professional, tacit understanding of the technical department. Continuous reform and innovation, performance appraisal system. The company from the production of a variety of metal shaft products gradually transition to the original basis and can produce various fixture, model, feeding frame, two processing equipment, and independent research and development of automatic lathe, NC lathe and external sales. In order to provide a strong power for the development of enterprises, the company's management system to further improve the competitiveness of enterprises, has provided in the same industry, and laid a solid foundation for developing the international market.
      Now the company has developed into a sophisticated enterprises in the same industry in Southeast Asia the largest, most complete equipment, technical strength of the most perfect. Products are exported to Europe, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and other places, and win the trust of our customers.
      The company will continue to introduce high, fine, sharp equipment and technology, and constantly improve the technological level of all the staff and culture, so as to further enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. With a first-class production technology, the humanized management mode, perfect service system, adhering to the "core value technology, efficiency, quality, cost reduction" concept, to meet the needs of the customers.

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